Vehicle running costs



The Vehicle Replacement and Operating Costs (VROC) can be prepared for you as soon as you request the data sheet. Auto Exploits Ltd helps fleet Operators to determine the per kilometre cost of operating their vehicles.

The VROC is not intended to replace established methods for determining costs. Auto Exploits Ltd recommends that professional advice be sought from an accountant or similar financial specialists to support any assumptions you arrive at by using the VROC.


The aim of the VROC is to aid in planning for vehicle replacement and to ensure consistency and accuracy in the way that the costs of using vehicles are calculated.

The treatment of capital assets such as vehicles need to be evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure that timely and accurate information is available on the actual costs of operating vehicles.

For the VROC to be an effective planning tool it should be reviewed regularly. Actual costs and figures used in the calculations will vary according to economic factors and changing markets.


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