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 If Your Repair is Not Becoming to You…You Should be Coming To Us!!

What is it?

Among its many offerings, Auto Exploit Experts performs inspections of vehicles which have sustained damage and undergone corrective repairs. Unfortunately, and all too often, not all repairs do properly and/or thoroughly restore a damaged vehicle to its former ” condition” in safety, function, performance or appearance or to the best of human ability. When this occurs, the damaged and repaired vehicle not only loses additional and avoidable economic damages (Diminished Value) it may leave the occupants and others on the roadway in an unsafe and potentially dangerous position.

Poorly performed repairs are overlooked and remaining damages may cause issues as simple as uneven wear on tires to dangerous handling issues and excessive wear-and-tear on suspension and other mechanical related components. Poorly diagnosed and under-repaired vehicles may cause for remaining and hidden structural damages which, in a post repair collision/impact, may prevent the vehicle from reacting as originally engineered and intended by the manufacturer whereas energy absorbing panels fail to collapse and/or direct impact energies as designed. These failures may cause problems with deployment of air bags and restraint systems and be cause for significant injuries, or worse, to the driver and their passengers.Industry statistics have purported that over sixty percent (60%) of vehicles that were repaired have been found to have inadequate repairs that could affect the value, operation and/or safety of the vehicle and its occupants. Additionally, fraud plays a significant role in the quality and thoroughness of repairs. Unfortunately there are those that will forfeit the wellness of the consumer for personal and/or corporate greed.


Would it be wise to assume that the repair facility and/or the insurance company beat the odds on your vehicle’s repair? Do not gamble with the safety of you and your family, know if your vehicle has remaining damage and/or was properly and thoroughly repaired.

Don’t become a victim of negligence and fraud; have your repaired vehicle inspected by an Expert who works for you!

What Matters Most is Protecting What Matters Most!

Your car got a break down and your vehicle has been repaired, is it the same as it was,was the job done well? Auto Exploit Experts does not perform repairs; we provide piece-of-mind. Our training and experience allows us to identify poor repairs and missed damages that may affect the operation or even safety of your vehicle.visit our

accredited garages.

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