Pre-purchase Inspection


What is a Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale Inspection?

Thinking of purchasing a used vehicle? A Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) is highly recommended by most, if not all trusted professionals to be undertaken before purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, especially when the vehicle is located in another city. Where no warranty on a vehicle is available, the buyer is immediately assuming all the risk in the event of mechanical, operational and cosmetic failures. While a pre-purchase inspection may not uncover all non-visible issues, a qualified Pre-Purchase Inspection makes perfect financial sense.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is a detailed inspection and evaluation by a qualified professional to determine the condition of a vehicle to help you avoid a costly mistake!
AE will set up the appointment with the seller and arrange a convenient time with them to inspect the vehicle. The resulting PPI report gives you the buyer, added security and peace of mind!

If you desire, you can be present or we can call you during the inspection to address any specific questions or concerns you may have! That’s the type of service that sets AE apart from others!

Our experts inspect the visual cosmetic, mechanical, and safety components and evaluate the condition of the vehicle. This enables you to buy with confidence.
In many instances the pre-purchase inspection fees are shadowed by the savings our clients enjoy and the confidence that only piece of mind can provide!
Whether you require a comprehensive written report or merely a verbal assessment, the Auto Exploits Experts are here to serve you!

What is a Pre-Sale Inspection? Want to instill a sense of confidence in interested buyers?  AE’s Pre-Sale inspection may be just what you need!
Our clients have found that when they provide a truly independent report, outlining the overall condition of the vehicle, the vehicle not only sells faster, but at a firm price with little or no haggling!

What Matters Most is Protecting What Matters Most!

Whether Buying or Selling, AE’s certified professionals are ready to perform a thorough inspection for you. Our intent is to reveal existing conditions or to disclose visible shortcomings that may produce potential safety or financial issues for the buyer. This gives the buyer the basic information they require before buying problems; and the seller the opportunity to correct any lingering issues before placing the vehicle on the market. Once undertaken, the seller merely provides the potential buyer with a copy of the AE inspection report. Should the potential buyer have any questions, or wish to verify the information, they can call and speak to the assigned Expert!

Vehicles in other cities present additional challenges when the purchaser is unable to personally inspect the vehicle and take a test drive. With Auto Exploit’s Damage Experts working in your behalf, we’ll put the vehicle through its paces and report to you our findings. How you use the information, to buy with confidence, to negotiate a better price, or to pass on the sale, we can AE you!!

It’s easy! Our certified professionals are available to assist you across the country. Call or e-mail us NOW!

Why Do I Need One?

For many, a vehicle is the second largest purchase they make, it would be unwise to go into the purchase blindly. After several years in the automotive industry, AE has seen hundreds of car owners find that the vehicle they purchased for their loved ones to use and enjoy, was found to be very unsafe. The fact is, that unless you have your vehicle inspected by a knowledgeable certified Post Repair Inspector you have no way of knowing what lies beneath the surface. These vehicles have ranged from rebuilt totals, improperly repaired vehicles or just poorly maintained.
Today’s automobiles have very advanced electrical and safety systems, that comes with a price. If these advanced systems are not maintained or properly repaired they will be a liability instead of a benefit. We have found deployed air bags that were merely covered up even though they are inoperative, we have also seen many cars that were flood cars simply detailed and put back on the market. The airbag’s can cost a fortune a piece and electrical systems can cost you many thousands more to repair or replace. If the safety features you were taking in consideration when purchasing the vehicle are not in good working condition then what value do they have?

When evaluating ones family and personal well being one can easily find significant value in a pre-purchase inspection. In short, what is the value of peace of mind? Let AE help you with
your next vehicle purchase.


Buy With Confidence!

What’s Included In a PPI?

  • Thorough bumper-to-bumper
    visual inspection of the vehicle
    including the undercarriage
    looking for evidence of any major
    collision repairs, flood damage, corrosion,
    fluid leaks, or any recent repairs
    that may indicate existing or
    future problems.
  • A visual inspection of all visible
    brake, steering, and suspension
  • A visual inspection of the components
    in the engine compartment.
  • A test drive of the vehicle to
    evaluate the performance of the
    engine, transmission, steering,
    suspension, and brakes under
    various driving conditions if possible

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